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H. Steven Byers, Attorney at Law & Mediator, represents Texans in family law, wills, probate. The firm guides clients through legal matters that often represent stressful times in their lives: divorce. We help our clients return to a sense of stability and confidence in their ability to move forward in a positive, constructive manner.

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Family Law

Divorce: The outcome of a divorce may impact your financial security and your parent-child relationships for a lifetime.

Child custody and visitation: An experienced child custody attorney is a valuable source of advice, counsel and assistance in reaching a workable agreement. Family law mediation is often the most efficient way of reaching a suitable parenting plan.

Adoption / termination of parental rights: Before a prospective stepparent can adopt the child of his or her spouse, the other biological parent's rights must be terminated.

Paternity: Establishing paternity is an important step in the enforcement of child support and child custody matters.

Child support: A child with special needs may need more support from the non-custodial parent than does a healthy child.

Property division in divorce: Ownership of the marital home, bank accounts, vehicles, stocks and bonds, retirement plans, investments, household goods, recreational property, equipment and any other asset must be accounted for in the divorce decree.

Alimony (spousal support): In consultation with tax accountants, it may be determined that there are tax advantages for one or both in a particular combination of asset distribution and spousal support.

Enforcement of court orders, including child custody or support: While the "piece of paper" may spell out what the courts expect of each party in the divorce, it cannot make someone pay spousal support, pay child support, or honor stipulations in the divorce decree such as sale of the house and distribution of the proceeds.

Modifications of court orders, including child custody or support: After your Texas divorce or child custody case is complete, changes in individual or family circumstances may lead one party or the other to request a modification to child support or child custody court orders.

Prenuptial agreements: Many couples preparing for marriage seek advice and assistance in creating sensible, fair and enforceable prenups. Without diminishing commitment in marriage, they see the prenup as a reassuring tool to enhance mutual understanding of property ownership and financial management in marriage; preserve property for children from previous relationships, and protect business interests, among other goals.

Mediation: Mediation is a cost-effective and less time-consuming alternative to divorce litigation. Attorney H. Steven Byers is a mediator who assists clients in settling divorce and family law-related matters.

Family violence: The firm assists clients in obtaining a protective order or restraining order to protect vulnerable family members in family violence situations. The firm also defends clients to whom a restraining order or an application for a protective has been served.

Other Practice Areas

Wills and probate: Most people need a will. A knowledgeable lawyer is a valuable adviser and source of assistance.

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Contact a divorce lawyer by phone or e-mail to schedule a consultation at your convenience. Bring your family law, or estate planning legal concerns to the attention of H. Steven Byers, Attorney at Law & Mediator, and learn how this law firm can help you attain your goals: an efficient divorce, a well-crafted will, a timely completion of the probate process, or fair compensation after an accident.
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Attorney Steven Byers has helped thousands of family law clients for over 40 years in Texas with divorce, custody, support, visitation, property division, mediation and more. Contact the Kingwood lawyer.

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