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A will is a valuable estate planning instrument that allows you to determine before your death how your estate will be passed on to those still living when you are gone. For help drafting, reviewing or revising a will in Texas, contact H. Steven Byers at his Kingwood estate planning law firm to schedule a consultation.

Estate Planning Through Wills

We help people discuss, devise, draft, review and execute wills that are binding and enforceable in the state of Texas. We encourage newcomers to the state to have a Texas lawyer examine their existing will. We also urge everyone, Texan or not, to have an existing will reviewed any time there is a change in family status, business ownership, or other major life circumstance.

Some mistakes that people often make with regard to wills include the following:

Texas Probate Lawyer

Attorney Byers handles the probate proceedings of people who have passed away as residents of Texas. Family members in Texas or outside of the state are encouraged to contact our law office to learn how we can help streamline and facilitate the probate process. In most cases, probate can be completed in about 60 days and an estate will be ready to be distributed to heirs or beneficiaries without much delay. Talk to our law firm for more information on our probate practice.


Questions and Answers

The following are some the more frequently asked questions I often receive.

What is a Living Will?
A living will is a document that states that you do not wish to be kept alive, even with life-sustaining treatment, if you are suffering from a terminal condition and you are expected to die within 6 months. This document is sometimes referred to as a “directive to physician.”

What is a Will?
A will is a document that disposes of your property, and can also express your desire as to your children’s guardian, after your death.

Do I really need a Will?
If you own anything and you want to determine how your property passes at the time of your death, then you need a will.

If I don't have a Will what will happen to my assets after I die?
If you don't have a will, the State of Texas determines how your estate will pass.

Are Wills expensive?
Unless you have a very large estate (i.e. over $1 million), then the cost for a basic will is very reasonable. I charge $400.00.

What happens with my estate after I die?
Your Will is probated, and the person you chose to be your Executor in your will, is appointed by the Court and orders “letters of testamentary”. This document allows your executor to close out your bank accounts, sell your property, etc. and make sure that your property is given to whomever you designated in your will.

Do I have to leave something, even a $1 to my children?
No. Texas law does not require that you leave anything to your child, spouse or anyone else. It is entirely up to you, how you wish for your estate to pass.

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Attorney Steven Byers has helped thousands of family law clients for over 40 years in Texas with Wills, Probate, Power of Attorneys, divorce, custody, support, visitation, property division, mediation and more. Contact the Kingwood lawyer.

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